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Gathi - Unified Data Platform (UDP)

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Gathi's Unified Data Platform(UDP) is built on cost effective and open source technology to register, curate, integrate and provision voluminous data. Centralized reporting, archiving, analytics and transformation activities are carried out through this scalable platform.

Gathi platform provides controlled, scalable and efficient solution that is readily available with plug-in-feature:

  • Data from multiple sources (structured, semi-structured and unstructured) is centralized in single platform
  • Batch, real-time and self-service ingestion and delivery of data
  • Built on open source tech stack
  • Reduces TCO substantially


Organize and integrate data collected from multiple sources. This includes Profiling, Data Quality and Standardization of the data before Ingesting data into Data Lake or reservoirs. Data registration and Data Profiling is carried out before the data moves to the Hadoop Cluster/Yarn.

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Cleanse, transform and model data to make it discoverable for meaningful insights. Data blending, enrichment and advanced analytics enables creating and deriving new attributes for further data discovery.


Make the data readily available for downward consumption. The curated and analyzed data can be made available to the customer for further analysis.

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Gathi's Smart Data Catalog

Gathi's Smart Data Catalog is a self- service platform that delivers a single source of reference to make the data easily discoverable. Gathi emphasizes on creating a collaborative, data-driven business culture wherein enterprise data assets (structured or unstructured, on-prem or on cloud) can be easily searched, understood, analyzed and certified. With Gathi's catalog, businesses can:

  • Manage Policies & Rules: Managing policies and rules of governing (including secure access) data assets.
  • Discover Data Assets: Usage, access, and dependency of data assets is discovered within the enterprise.
  • Organize Data Assets: Data asset classification/tagging.
  • Catalog Data Assets: Data assets driven by Metadata repository  can be searched, analyzed, traced (using lineage), etc.
  • Certify Data Assets: Data asset certification (by experts / or through crowd-sourcing) based on policies and rules.
  • Track and Monitor Data Assets: Dashboards and alerts monitor the access, usage and quality of data assets and the usage of catalog itself.

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Gathi's Smart Data Catalog Features:

  • Search, Filter and Query Data across organization
  • Metadata driven framework
  • Certifiable and Trusted Data
  • Data Federation to understand data better
  • End to End Data Lineage