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Date: August, 11th, 2017

Gathi Analytics Featured in The NewsMinute

Enterprises are inundated with data, can this Hyd-based startup help them make sense of it?

“We are building a backbone for enterprises, setting their data free and making it readable to analysts in their own firms. This way, a lot more people have access to it. The idea is to democratize data and focus on return on investment for these enterprises,” says Vamsi Ram Kora, founder of Gathi Analytics.

Date: May, 18th, 2018

Team Gathi at the Columbus Smart City Hackathon

Team Gathi did it again.... Sree Datta, Vamsi Karri and Anurag Veerapaneni from the Solution Engineering team at Gathi produced winning Visualization App for ‘Heartbeat of the City’ as part of Columbus Smart City Hackathon over past weekend. Our team’s ability to analyze complex data sets (Crash Reports, Geo Spatial Info etc), reverse Geo Code the data and develop highly Intuitive Visuals helped them receive special appreciation from Judges. As part of this 2.5 days effort team developed and created “anatomy” of crashes. They presented a simple IOT (Raspberry PI ) and open source tools that helps prevent human errors in crashes. Though this is just a pilot, we are extremely happy to be part of this exciting effort to make Columbus a Smart City.

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