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Enterprises are very “rich” with data but the current data environments limit how this ever increasing silos of data can be turned into meaningful insights. Market leaders that are maximizing their Data Capital consistently outperform their competitors, deliver superior customer service, and return the highest ROI to their stakeholders.

Business Challenges for Industry

Increased IT Cost

High data storage and processing cost in relational databases and legacy mainframes.

Slow Performance

Outdated and redundant data hindering performance and productivity.

Time to Value

Inability to capture, analyze and act on the information/data in a faster environment.


Lack of Skills

Lack of available experience and expertise in designing, developing and testing end-to-end Data Solutions.


Inability of the existing infrastructure to cope up with the increasing data and analytical needs.


Difficulties in complying to the legal requirements due to huge volume of data from multiple sources.

Gathi's Solutions

The Benefits

  • Reduction in TCO using open source tech stacks, easy integration, low cost commodity hardware (on premise and on cloud) and manpower optimization.
  • Improved ROI through better and optimized utilization of capital, resources and services.
  • Metadata Driven Framework enabling data to be onboarded quickly.
  • Quicker proto-typing through data discovery and profiling.
  • Quick “time to market” solution with ready to use Gathi’s Data Services.
  • Enterprise Level Reporting.
  • Seamless access by users and downstream applications for data discovery.

Featured Solutions

Customer Intelligence

Integrated customer view across diverse channels, systems and devices.

Risk Exposure Analysis

Analyze data systematically to improve decision making, especially where there is a risk of default on a debt.

Data Life Cycle Management

Data archival, retrieval, retention and purging, with the capability to view, search and query archived data with instant accessibly.

Industry Solutions

  • CTO View of a bank

  • Banks at a Glance

  • Digital Marketing

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