About Us

Gathi with its highly experienced team of professionals have the expertise to deliver the big data services and solutions. It believes that smart innovation with a time efficient, collaborative and productive environment can bring in maximum productivity.

It aspires to build Data Products for Payments and Smart Cities domain that leverage its existing services. For instance, leveraging Machine Learning and AI in building analytical products that can convert Cities to Responsive Cities.

Gathi’s Unified Data Platform Framework and Services provide momentum to Enterprise Data by being faster and comprehensive. It’s services and solutions include Strategic Consulting to create Transformational Roadmaps, Data Warehouse Modernization to help Enterprises migrate to Bigdata Platforms, Data Management & Governance to make Enterprise Data compliant & consistent, and Visualization & Analytics that helps our customers create Actionable Insights.

Gathi helps organizations -

Realize the True Value of Enterprise Data at Lower TCO

Enterprises spend millions of dollars and enormous resources every year in building vast, complex data stores to meet their business needs even as the TCO of these data footprints keeps increasing 30% YOY.

Gathi can help businesses realize the true value of their data assets at a fraction of the cost through its cutting-edge data frameworks and execution methodologies.

With Faster data-to-actions

An enterprise’s ability to respond faster to business events can help it outrun the competition. However, delivering consistently "high-quality" data to empower business functions at high velocity is easier said than done.

Gathi’s Big Data solutions enable consistent and faster data availability for all analytics needs to ensure your data-to-action timelines are the shortest that are possible.

With Accelerated and Actionable Insights

Data-driven organizations are better equipped to leverage data for competitive advantage and are three times more likely to make faster decisions.

Gathi’s suite of ready to configure Data Models, Frameworks, and Micro Services combined with its highly experienced team of data professionals help provide transformative insights to its customers.

Innovate, Collaborate and be Impactful

The unprecedented pace at which new technologies are evolving today requires enterprises to be informed, agile and flexible to stay ahead of the game.

Gathi believes in the transformative power of partnerships which is why it has joined hands with the leaders to build an eco-system that breeds innovation and productivity.


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