Gathi Analytics at GeoSmart India 2019

Gathi Analytics presented @ GeoSmart India 2019 on the topic Smart services for Smart Cities.Vinit Reddy, Director of Innovation presented the Smart City Platform (SEP), explaining the ease at which cities can adopt to and benefit from the platform.

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Gathi Analytics featured in CIO Review EdTech Special Edition.

“Our ‘Unique 8,8,8 Engagement Model’ is enabling Businesses to stay ahead of the Curve. The Modern Data Platform helps take an organized approach to the enormous data distributed over disparate systems”.

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iC4™ by Gathi Analytics

iC4™ — Powerful Tools to Manage Your Data

Gathi’s iC4™ Product (Data Catalog, Curation, Curate and Consumption) coupled with Gathi’s comprehensive Data Governance (Metadata Models) deliver high-quality data with context—at scale and on-demand.

iC4™ gives your data teams the necessary tools to access all data sources, contextualize, and measure the quality of your data. This is leveraged by Analysts and Data Scientists to perform Data Preparation, Cataloging, Search, and build Data Federation services—letting analysts focus more on analysis than data preparation. Our solutions are known for seamless execution with greater accuracy and discipline.


Optimize operational efficiency and create a competitive advantage. 

Achieve maximum ROI from M&As by streamlining corporate data consolidation to realize synergies quickly. 

Use clean & consistent data in your analytics for better opportunity identification and increased value. 

Boost business efficiency & IT performance by automating data profiling, discovery, cleansing, standardizing, enriching, matching, and merging in a single central repository. 

Manage critical enterprise data strategically & securely across lines of business, regions, and applications. 

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Data Curation

Gathi’s iC4™ Platform creates a self-service data ingestion and curation pipeline which passes the data through an active filter of data quality and schema validations. This active filter ensures clean and usable data in the lake. Periodically passive filters are also run on lake which ensure cleaning and oxidization of lake. 


Catalog & Contextualize Data

In addition to a clean lake the iC4™  Catalog and Context services keeps the metadata of all the objects along with their quality scorecards. A federated glossary and annotation services provide the right context to the data in the lake. All data and context are index and weighted and presented to the end users via a simple search with more relevant result showing on top. 


Consuming Data » Powerful Reporting Tools

Data from the lake can be consumed via data preparation services which can present the data into more aggregated analytical friendly structures like facts and dimension. A number of services like Surrogate Keys generations, Dim- type2 maintenance can be configured quickly along with SQL style business transformation framework and loaded to databases for reporting tools consumptions. 

Our Expert Consultants have extensive experience in delivering multi-petabyte Enterprise Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence implementations for large corporations.
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Gathi’s iC4™ is a self-service Data Discovery platform for your Analysts and Data Scientists which includes Data Preparation, Catalogs, Search and Data Federation services.

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From Data Management and Analytics Tools, to predictive models, and machine learning algorithms that completely optimize your business.
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