Gathi Analytics at GeoSmart India 2019

Gathi Analytics presented @ GeoSmart India 2019 on the topic Smart services for Smart Cities.Vinit Reddy, Director of Innovation presented the Smart City Platform (SEP), explaining the ease at which cities can adopt to and benefit from the platform.

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Gathi Analytics featured in CIO Review EdTech Special Edition.

“Our ‘Unique 8,8,8 Engagement Model’ is enabling Businesses to stay ahead of the Curve. The Modern Data Platform helps take an organized approach to the enormous data distributed over disparate systems”.

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Junior Data Analyst

San Antonio, TX

Location Experience
San Antonio, TX 2 years


Gathi Analytics is a relentlessly client focused group who builds ground-breaking data solutions for Smart Cities, Payment Services, Healthcare, Finance, and so much more. Gathi Analytics leverages proprietary frameworks and methodologies to deliver solutions faster, without compromising quality. We help our clients gain data insights they never thought possible and understand their data assets in ways they never could before. If this sounds like you, please read on.


About the role

The junior data analyst role is an entry level job position with the primary responsibility of collecting and analyzing data to help organizations make informed decisions. The junior data analyst performs various functions, including data collection and analysis to identify useful trends and provide management with relevant information that will facilitate the data teams.


  • Utilize historical data sets and planned changes to model and forecast business trends
  • Responsible for tracking and reporting on department initiatives and status reports
  • Analyze the firm’s operations for trends, volume, demographics, and operator metrics to support decisions
  • Conduct research on specific complaints, the individuals submitting those complaints, and other relevant information related to individual queries or systemic issues
  • Update and manage information in a web-based case management system
  • Act on cases and provide case summaries for referral to relevant unit for follow-up review and action
  • Log information into the Tableau business intelligence and analytics database of the organization
  • Utilize the Tableau analytics database to carry out statistical analysis and ad hoc reporting as required
  • Develop analytics to identify trend lines across several data sources within the organization
  • Apply predictive analysis and tools to forecast and employ business analytics (including an enhanced ability to quantify and qualify data)


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Management, Computer Science, or Statistics Mathematical, or in a technical field is preferred
  • Candidate must possess advanced computer skills, knowledge of additional databases such as SQL Server and MySQL. It is also vital that they understand project management. It is also important that they are familiar with data warehousing, data mining, and data mapping
  • It is vital that candidate for the junior data analyst job have knowledge of statistical methods and data analysis software such as SPSS to provide quantitative and qualitative data analysis
  • It is essential that candidate can undertake in-depth research, quantify the information and produce qualitative and quantitative reports. They must also be able to utilize data obtained to develop concise summaries targeted at decision points
  • Must also be capable of presenting their findings clearly via reports and oral presentations to senior colleagues
  • It is important that they can work effectively in a team-oriented environment, and independently in a fast-paced, and changing environment
  • The junior data analyst job requires that applicants have advanced Excel skills with the ability to write macros and do pivot tables. They also need advanced knowledge of Access to undertake querying, creation of tables, and formulas
  • They also need verbal and written communication skills to converse and collaborate with all levels of employees
  • Errors in data applied for analysis can render conclusions or findings invalid; therefore, it is important that applicants can pay meticulous attention to detail, factoring every piece that might alter the validity of data.

If this role sounds like you, we invite you to apply. Our recruiting team will be in touch shortly with qualified candidates regarding next steps.

Gathi Analytics is an equal opportunity employer and provides opportunities for advancement, compensation, training, and growth according to individual merit, without regard to race, color, religion, sex (including pregnancy), national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, age, genetic information, disability, veteran-status, or any other characteristic protected under applicable Federal, state, or local law.

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